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Submission Key Dates

Summission of nomination

Nominations must be submitted using the Online Nominating Process. Click on a category that you are interested in, there you will find a link to the Online Nominating Process. Please send additional documents to info@ghanamanufacturingawards.com

You may attach supporting documents to your entry, such as:

  • Start with a brief overview of your organization (corporate biography)
  • Provide details of the size of your organization (number of staff, annual revenue, etc)
  • What sets your organization apart from its competitors?
  • What does your organization do to support the industry and the community?
  • Clients Testimonials
  • News / media features and editorial
  • Product / project specific corporate collateral
  • Photography
  • Web links and links to videos and other information are acceptable as part of an entry

When attaching your supporting documentation, please consider the length and relevance to chosen category criteria. There should be not more than 10 pages of supporting documentation.

2018 Nominees